Walkingwhiledrawing is an ongoing project that I started in 2020, that is dealing with the perception of our surroundings. I was searching for a tool to experiment with a very direct way of drawing while walking and so developed the "drawing machine", which is a simple device to scroll paper on two rolls and so continue drawing more or less fluently while walking. The Idea is to focus on my subjective impression of a place but also the abstraction of shapes and structures that I see. Drawing and walking are melting in one action, which can almost be seen as a performance focusing on the movement itself and paying more attention to the process of drawing with its gesture than the outcome of the drawing. 

A new aspect of the project is the translation of the analogue drawing in digital VR-painting which transforms them into spatial installations and reconstructs them from 2D in 3D. 

the inner life of my staircase, nancy, france (2021)

nida, lithuania (2020)